About authors

Waleed began blogging at the age of two. His first post was a philosphical musing on: “The future of the Marxist tradition and the rise of western capitalism”. A “go getter”, he began burping random people in Dubai after learning how to induce burping in his son. Currently, when not pretending to be a mild mannered E-Learning consultant, Waleed dons a red cape and eats nihari.. for breakfast.

akds, in absentia
akds is Waleed’s eccentric muslim brother who lives in extremely cold weather. He enjoys listening to incredibly sad music by composer Michael Nyman and watching incredibly sad films like 誰も知らない; thus he’s usually quite depressed. He’s studying something about how a protein swings like a spanish dancer on a tuesday night.

Shahid is a guest blogger replacing akds. He has an irrational interest in having elephants at his wedding. We suspect this is caused from playing Age of Empires too often.