How life has changed and other wonderful things

July 16th, 2013 by Waleed

Requests to start blogging have been murmuring again.

Today, Alhamdulilah, I have three kids and one wife. It’s important to specify that because otherwise people may ask how many kids I have. The wife is full-time, as are the kids. I know this because they are always there.

I can feel myself getting older. Little things are changing, nonchalantly, as if not to surprise me. My back hurts more when I do that. My knees are cracking when I pray at Fajr. And my office bag finally broke. Those things are meant to last yet.

I am still a geek, and I like being a geek. I get to goto geek conferences and nod my head passionately at the tiny achievements of other geeks. I tweeted, took photos, posed for photos, gave comments and had my hand shaken vigorously many times. Geeks love geeks.

I recently ate squid, corn ice cream, seaweed. I liked them all almost.

And thus years pass by and our smiles are the same. Alhamdulilah.

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  1. Yasmine Says:

    I always find it lovely to see updates from your one&only fulltime wife (I should comment more to tell her so) — and now from you, too. I just read a post from each of you, back to back this morning, and for a split second it felt like the old Blogistan days, when I used to sit in my university computer labs and read blogs. Now I sit in my university office and read blogs. (Shhh…!) And now I have a husband and an almost-fulltime daughter. It’s crazy how life changes!

    As for office bags, I keep buying the cheap ones, instead of the ones meant to last, and then keep having to replace them. I have a feeling I’m doing this wrong.

  2. Waleed Says:

    You should comment on Abez more. She likes reading them, after which we carefully dissect and analyse the mental framework of each commenter. We have very good stories about them by now.

    Those old days, those old days. I spoke to AKDS earlier, and we were reminiscing. Wistfully too.
    That’s why I started writing again this week. I am going to get him back in here for his posts that he deletes within 12 hours of posting. On his weekend he teaches lurkers how to lurk even better.

    You are married? You have a daughter? You call her Little Lemon? We call ours many names. The “I could cry you know” toddler, to the “Hulk smash” son. And the Pwincess daughter.

    Office bags – I bought a Samsonite. This almost marked me as an adult, save for the intense blue interior when you unzip this serious black bag. Since you don’t work for a Swedish company like me, you should go for these

    Back to Maher Zain vocals now.

  3. The Full Time Wife Says:

    What are you talking about, you crazy person? You dissecting comments? YOU NEVER COMMENT ON MY BLOG!

    (And don’t believe him when he says we comment on comments. He’s making things up to elicit comments.)

    I asked Waleed why he stopped blogging after we were married, and you know what this cheeky monkey said? He said, and I quote: “I don’t need to anymore, it’s already served its purpose.”

    ie- It got me a wife.

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