The sanctuary

September 12th, 2009 by Waleed

I started reading Quran. I’m not going to say I started reading Quran again, that’s not true though I wish it was and wasn’t. Reading Quran again implies that you used to do it regularly. It also, sadly, implies that you stopped at some point. Clearly, not an easy statement to make.

I’m reading Quran nowadays and I’m trying to learn more about this guidance from Allah (SWT). And in it, there are signs for those who believe. I’m all for logic so yeah, most of it seems powerfully evident to me. SubhanAllah.

I’m thinking a bit more about Quran nowadays and I realize that every time I do, my worldly matters start becoming trivial. He said, she said, he did, she did…all fade away. You fade away. Your stings fade away. I still have to struggle to focus on what I’m reading but insha-Allah I’m getting better. I open up a translation of the Quran that I can follow easily and every page/surah I read.

It’s an easy to get to sanctuary, this Islam of ours. It’s safe and it protects us immensely. The guidelines within are written for mere mortals to follow. And every single guideline in there protects us. Safeguards us. Constantly. Without fail. Just think about that for a second: I’m going to give you an amazing system that will help protect you every single second of your life. And if you’re good with it, it will protect the people that you love too.

We’ve forgotten the Quran very largely in our lives. We read up rulings and fatwas and he said this and that speaker gave a fantastic lecture and i feel so inspired and we need to change the world. That’s great Alhamdulilah. Change the world. Amazing. How can you change the world when you haven’t changed yourself or equipped yourself?

So, where does it all come from? From Allah (SWT). And then where next? His Quran. Then next? His Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

I know you, smart reader, know all this. Sure you do. If you know this so well, then do you know where your Quran is right now? I didn’t. I had to go find one.

Please go pick up your Quran.

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  1. abez Says:

    Would it be too smug to say I told you so? :p

    It would be honest to say that I needed this reminder too.

    You’re awesome.

    The Qur’an is even Awesomer!

  2. abez Says:

    You never update. Pwain.

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