You cannot quit me so quickly

August 18th, 2009 by Waleed

I have hope for you, my friend.

3 Responses to “You cannot quit me so quickly”

  1. adnan. Says:

    i really wish you had the domain name.

  2. Anjum Says:

    is your hope that your friend not quit you so quickly, or not quit at all?
    and does it matter how quickly they do it if they still quit you, in the end?

  3. Waleed Says:

    Firstly, you will never know who is going to quit on you – the future lies with Allah (SWT) alone.
    So therefore, the most you can do at any given moment is to not let someone quit on you. And make dua for the future.

    Secondly, the statement touches upon the concept of hope in Islam. It’s a beautiful blessing to have, hope and Islam encourages us constantly to not lose it, to always have faith in Allah (SWT) – from where/whom (?) all hope is derived.

    Thirdly, Muslims are a community and iman wears thin for anybody – I recall a hadith that faith is like piece of cloth, it wears out constantly so take time to refresh/strengthen it (I hope this is a sahih hadith – Allah (SWT) knows best). So when you lose hope or are weak from this world and its challenges, lean on your brothers/sisters. We are one body and if one part is tired, it is only natural for us to lean on another.

    Anything good here is from Allah (SWT) and any mistake is from me and I pray that Allah (SWT) forgives me and puts the clear, positive desired message in your heart.

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