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Starting NLP

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

I’m learning New Code NLP.

It’s fascinating and incredible how it mirrors many islamic principles. The Mrs and I are thinking of footnote-ing references.

I wonder who else within our groups has studied this.

Drunk wishes

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

I wish I could explain to you, how drunk you get me, how tipsy you make me, how utterly flipsidedly drained you leave me. It’s true – I’m addicted to you.

Come here – just one more sip.

Times Square Center is tougher then it looks

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

That’s where I am. Wifey is in a meeting with her client and I’m doing office work at a local wifi spot/center thingamajig.

I did not, however calculate the following:

a) The Giant Hulk toy poster that is towering over me (left side). It’s almost 8 feet tall. To a kid, that must be over 271 feet tall. That’s pretty tall.

b) I don’t do breakfast. That doesn’t not mean I’m immune to the smells emanating from this waffle stand right infront of my table. Yes, I have thought of the same thing as you dear reader: why me god, why me?

c) The security guard who keeps wandering by and likes to walk behind me to take in the view – we’re on the 2nd floor. It’s a huge floor yet he keeps migrating to me. I’m not sure what to make of that. Perhaps he wants a tutorial on how to use a Mac. I can’t be certain. That’s why I have Windows running in the background too. update: egads! he’s back!

I’m hungry. I wonder when Wifey will be done. Then we get to eat nihari. And popcorn.

God I would love some popcorn right about now.

There is something in the air tonight

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

No matter where you go
you’ll never find your way home
you’ll never find your way home
no matter where you go

-Travis (scottish band)

Ofcourse, Travis has never been treated to the fantastic smell of onions frying that immediately converts any place into a home.

Now that your loved one is frying onions, what are you supposed to do?
This: sneak into the kitchen, distract said cook, wildly grab the boiling hot golden brown onions and stuff them in your mouth. Please remember to avoid the angry spatula of the cook, the mad hot oil drops flying in the air and be prepared for your eyes to roll in delight at this savory stolen snack. Any injuries you incur will be considered Scars Of War.

What helps you change a place into a home?

And if I start a commotion

Monday, August 4th, 2008

My facebook status clearly states that I’m back in the blogging business. It’s a business now you see.

I used to blog for many reasons before. Many have been guessed but a few intentions still remain undiscovered. And I like that. I like that there are parts of me that even the most intelligent of my friends can’t guess. That I’m not so easy to read. That there is within me much that you cannot see.

It’s taken many many months to realize but I know that I still have the ability to surprise people. Blogging again. That has surprised many. Thank you for that.

And now I must return to the real world and live adventures so that I may swiftly blog about them and wait anxiously for the comments.

Let’s do breakfast, hmm?

Friday, August 1st, 2008

I had breakfast today.

Firstly, I rarely have breakfast. I don’t do cereal, eggs or bagels. I don’t do orange juice, smoothies or – well, I do do coffee. Oh good coffee, I love thee. And the love of the month is Caribou Coffee.

Today, the mrs and I snuck out early and drove down to Abu Dhabi where we dined on eggs benedict, salmon and steak. While the food was great, the company – just me and the mrs while the kids slept at home and the good assistant monitored them.

We walked around the mall, stopped at odd stores and bought a few things here and there (hint: baby clothes). It was just great.

And that was that. Nothing crazy. Nothing big. Nothing over the top.

A good breakfast day. My kind of a day.