update, of sort.

May 5th, 2006 by

I think it’s time to update the bios (the authors “About” section). Waleed previously wrote the bios for the both of us. I’ve decided this time I would try. Also, this is a bit late, but I still can not believe someone thought I was Waleed’s alter ego. (i.e. that akds is simply Waleed writing under a different name). I hope no one else is shocked by this revelation.

Anyway, while trying to formulate a semi-coherent bio for Waleed, I vaguely recalled that there was a post discussing the name Khalid bin Waleed a long while back. Sure enough I did a search from our semi-hidden search box and voila:


Finally, any suggestions for the bios? Hopefully, they will be updated by 14th inshallah. So far Waleed’s bio reads like the discovery of the cosmologically ambiguous plant Pluto and mine sounds like an eulogy for a nomadic goat herder.

5 Responses to “update, of sort.”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    believe it dude, *I* thought you were his alter ego :P


    Loved your ending line.

  2. Anjum Says:

    how about you post the drafts here and we can all take our shots re-writing them ? =) because that would be the most fun for us.

  3. akds Says:

    Ayesha: I still can’t believe you mistook me for an alter ego. In anycase, my plan is now to convince people waleed is actually my alter ego. Hopefully everything will even out in the end.

    Anjum: That’s actually a good idea but I don’t have a good draft yet. Hopefully over the week something will come together.

  4. Anjum Says:

    well my editing red pen is ready… =)

  5. Shahid Says:

    Actually akds is a figment of Waleed’s imagination, and Waleed is a figment of akds’s imagination. So this makes both of them an imaginations imagination, or i^2. So that makes them both (-1).

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