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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

LONDON (Reuters) – The BBC has revealed that a bewildered man it interviewed live on TV in the mistaken belief he was the editor of a technology website was, quite literally, “the wrong Guy.”

He was Guy Goma, a graduate from central Africa, who had gone to the BBC’s News 24 studios for a job interview.

Goma sat down in the BBC reception and waited to be called for the interview. A producer greeted him, led him to a studio, seated him on a stool and clipped a microphone to his lapel.

A business [reporter] then introduced the clearly startled Goma as the editor of a technology website and asked if he was surprised by computer company Apple’s victory in a trademark dispute with The Beatles’ Apple Corp. … (more)

Video here.

Addendum: haha I really hope the poor guy gets the job he came to interview for. His initial reaction is hilarious when they present him as an editor. However, kudos to him for attempting to answer the questions and not freak out and run off set.

update, of sort.

Friday, May 5th, 2006

I think it’s time to update the bios (the authors “About” section). Waleed previously wrote the bios for the both of us. I’ve decided this time I would try. Also, this is a bit late, but I still can not believe someone thought I was Waleed’s alter ego. (i.e. that akds is simply Waleed writing under a different name). I hope no one else is shocked by this revelation.

Anyway, while trying to formulate a semi-coherent bio for Waleed, I vaguely recalled that there was a post discussing the name Khalid bin Waleed a long while back. Sure enough I did a search from our semi-hidden search box and voila:

Finally, any suggestions for the bios? Hopefully, they will be updated by 14th inshallah. So far Waleed’s bio reads like the discovery of the cosmologically ambiguous plant Pluto and mine sounds like an eulogy for a nomadic goat herder.