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In exactly 24 hours, my life will be back to what was once a norm. True, it no longer is but habits are hard to break. Especially a 7 year old one. In 24 hours, my parents fly out to VA. That means dinner with Jalali Baba, hook ups with Knicq and driving for hours to say ‘allo love!‘ to a Karva Karela.

Dear God. Let the adventures begin. Amen.

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  1. Abez Says:

    Yeah, you’d have to drive for hours, Karachi is pretty far away! lol

  2. Waleed Says:

    Little do you know that KK is back in UAE.

  3. fathima Says:

    I don’t know whether to feel like a loner or not.
    On the one hand, all Blognation is connected. Everyone knows everyone else – except me.
    On the other – well, really, who wants to associate with a bunch of cyber-personas who probably don’t exist outisde their WP/MT/Blogger stake-outs anyway?

  4. yasmine Says:

    I need more bloggers in California, so I can go on random roadtrips and hang out and talk about all the rest of you crazy people and your blogs. Because I’m assuming that’s what bloggers do when they meet up, right? Hope your adventures are crazy and fun, inshaAllah. Keep us updated, because you know how we all live for details of blogger meet-ups (except I’m guessing you all know each other as more than just fellow bloggers, which is even more awesome, dude).

    (Also, Waleed, your site loves censoring my comments for some reason. Is this gonna go through? Is it, is it, is it? Let’s see.)

  5. chai Says:

    blogger meet ups involve lots of sugar. sometimes in the form of ice cream and other times in the form of cookies. that’s all for now folks

  6. Waleed Says:

    Actually Yasmine, I’ll be meeting up with Knicq and Jalali for the first time. KK I hooked up with in Karachi (KKiK!) and that was good. He was polite, well mannered and immediately made me comfortable. Alhamdulilah. The others seem that way so far but if they have any mutilated appendages, expect photos!

    And let’s see Chai how things go. There is a Hagendaaz bar in town. Mmmm…

  7. Sarmad Says:

    Karva vat? :S hmmm…is there something I don’t know that I should be knowing about you waleed :P maybe its my fault, for hitting your head too much in the back of that truck ride. hehe j/k

  8. brutella Says:

    hey, where in VA do you live?

  9. Abez Says:

    Hmmph, two weeks out of blogland and I’m behind the times. Ah well, Pakistan wasn’t big enough for the Me, Owlie, Hemmie, Chai, Crayon, Uzer, Sadaat… etc etc AND Aamir. So maybe the UAE needed him more. A wise choice. :p


  10. karrvakarela Says:

    Assalamualaikum Wally. Jazak ALLAH for a great weekend. How did the book fair go?

    And to all the cruel aunties and dumpy slave husbands reading this, go get a life.

  11. shaheen Says:

    cruel aunties and dumpy slave husbands?!?! that sounds terrible!

    and yeah, how come you guys all get to meet up, that’s not fair! I live in the centre of north of america, I think you should all just come and visit me here. :P But now that you guys are all in Pakistan/UAE it might just be a little more difficult. Oh well. Yasmine, I guess it’s jsut me and you! :P and fathima, are you trying to make yourself feel better by making us bloggers a figment of your imagination? We are real, at least I think I’m real. *pinches arm* mmhmm, that felt pretty real to me! ;)

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