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Sometimes words don’t come easy. They just don’t.

You stand in a sea of letters, in an ocean of words and you look around nervously. You stand at the edge of phrases, at the border of expressions and you doubt doubt doubt.

Sometimes words don’t come easy.

You have a dictionary spilled open, you look at all the words that exist and you put on your working cap. You pick up your tiny tweezers, you pick a clean sheet of paper and your hand hovers over, your mind ponders over, your thoughts puzzle over these choices.

Sometimes words don’t come easy.

There are moments in life when your senses are enhanced, your memory is extra sensitive to each capture it makes and your heart is incrediby conscious of each molecule of oxygen it pulls in. Time itself slows down to stare at you; you win that staring contest. Life intensified is zoomed in and just like that, time recovers, your heart pumps normally, your memory crouches back , life zooms out and you’re left with a letter in your hand.

Sometimes words don’t come easy.
They honestly don’t.

5 Responses to “Harf”

  1. shaheen Says:

    I don’t know what to say!

  2. Abez Says:

    Sometimes, it’s easier to mail people random jokes instead, hehe

  3. chocoholic Says:

    I wish they did, man.

  4. fathima Says:


  5. Anjum Says:

    sometimes, the messages with the least words carry the most meaning.
    sometimes, no words are needed at all.

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