Zed’s dead, baby

July 19th, 2004 by

It’s a fact. These things just happen. My family has had a history of all electronics, even brand new, turning evil on them. My dad’s first car, his second car, his third car, his … his last car actually had a serious personality issue. The radio mysteriously locked itself, the hazard lights would go on/off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, and all wiper fluid mysteriously vanished, tracelessly.

We’re not puzzled. We’re pretty much used to such things.

His new iMate commited suicide, his laptop turned british overnight and he’s had to superglue his carkeys together so the electronic security tags don’t fall out. His bluetooth earpiece works on a 1.5 second delay, his alarm clock button has stopped popping out, his TV remote controls take him to different channels – unasked.

We’re not angry. You get used to cows falling out of the sky.

His old lamp tried to kill him, his room fan has this weird Natural setting that makes it go on and off randomly and pauses everyone to stare at it in concern and his home stereo system front case simply fell into his hands.

No no, definitely not upset. We laugh, madly, especially when it’s a known fact that all lanes that my dad drives in will halt immediately and all other lanes will proceed at normal speeds. I’ve suggested that we try and trick fate, giving a right signal and turning left sharpy but my dad sighs sadly. It’s useless, he confesses. Fate was always waiting for him on the left anyways.

Yes, all this happens and it’s quite normal. We’re used to it. So used to it infact, that when my laptop died two days ago, a motherboard gone faulty due to excessive heat and dust possibly from Pakistan, taking with it to eHeaven my entire portfolio, office work, college work and pictures of various roadtrips (including that time akds and I went skimming stones), we shrugged it off.

Oh yeah. We’re brave like that.

4 Responses to “Zed’s dead, baby”

  1. Bushra Says:

    It was NOT Pakistan!

  2. Anju Says:

    Your dad is a brave man, dealing with all that. This whole post made me smile, and that part about the lanes halting immediately even made me laugh out loud. =)

  3. Bushra Says:

    :-D there! 1 hit!

  4. Chocoholic Says:

    The bit about the lanes reminds me of the movie, Office Space. Every time I get stuck in traffic, I think of the beginning of that movie.

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