Technical Difficulties

July 12th, 2004 by

This blog has recently been plagued by technical difficulties of the H kind. Due to server error, dns issues and possible lack of coffee for programmers in New Jersey, I wasn’t able to write.

Now it should be back up.

Meanwhilst, I’ve had a swamp of emails asking me on further details of fourteenYears. Why the one year gap between the last and latest entry? Who the hell is this man? What is so forbidden about 14? Has he been married before? Is he half jewish and half native american? What’s his name? Why is his name? When is his name?
Is that you in the story?

And I’ve tried answering people. Firstly, it’s not possible to dissect an author from his writing. Secondly, it’s not me. The story first started in last years blogathon (which incidently is not being held this year which works out nicely for me, since I’ll be on the road that day). Inititally I wanted to write it backwards, a la Momento, but that turned out harder then I thought since I kept thinking of plots backwards and forwards.
At the moment, the plot is going 360 degrees and there are other fictional stories in the work too. Unfortunately, most of them have too much drama/action in them and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my better entries tend to lean towards that section.

Having never taken a creative writing course in my life, I’m starting to feel stinted in terms of writing abilities. Tis time to hijack the local library I believe.

Now, to go shopping for fully black clothes. In the Middle East heat.

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  1. Anju Says:

    yay, answers!

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