Extra Extra!

July 30th, 2004 by

In other news:
-I hit my mid-twenties. I’m old.
-I’m in Lahore to take care of work. My urdu accent still blows.
-I have a new laptop. Widescreen makes things so much prettier.
-I’m working hard to not have a mid-twenties crisis. It’s not easy.

That’s all folks.

10 Responses to “Extra Extra!”

  1. chocoholic Says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Bushra Says:

    Yup yup… Happy birthday! And that’s not old. Tharty is old. Or if you have 3 kids, thats old.

  3. akds Says:

    Man mid-20s … you know it all goes down hill after that right? ;)

  4. Bushra Says:

    (btw the mobilink said No roaming CHARGES.. not NO roaming!!)

  5. Riaz Says:

    I don’t think I’ve had a single birthday I didn’t dread for the plast five years. Age is your normal pakistani males sign impending responsibilities.

  6. hem Says:

    no worries. youll get older with each passing day. shucks!
    happy birthday

  7. chai Says:

    i’ve been mid20 for almost a year now. it’s been my best age so far. a quarter of a century old. enjoy it.

  8. Tina Says:

    Why is the number 14 significant on the fictiontale section of this blog?

  9. Anjum Says:

    I’m having crises and breakdowns about my future and I’m only early-20’s. Oh god, what’ll happen when I hit YOUR age?! :-P

  10. nicole Says:

    I have been in my mid twenties for the past 10 years now…it isn’t so bad. :)

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