Don’t talk to me about Times New Roman

July 21st, 2004 by

I hate Times New Roman. I do. With a passion, a fascist passion for trashing this damned font.

It started in highshcool. I remember changing all my papers to Comics Sans MS and turning them all in with a cool eye.
Oh yeah. A rebel geek.

I hate it so much that I have defied all college instructions to turn in my paper as such. As far as over-ruling a presentation before a professional peer group from the industry last year at my RFP. I hate it.

I hate it so much that when my english literature teacher demanded that we turn in all papers with this font, I took her aside during office hours and berated this damned font for almost an hour, taking with my evidence of its horrific curves, its filthy design and extremely annoying appearance. She sat back, stunned, gunned and weakly agreed to my furious demands for my paper to be turned in with a different font; She had never been subjugated to a student actually insiting on showing her the font, full blown and going over almost every letter in the alphabet.

I hate it in my IM converations, wondering why people wish to torture me like this. With a variety of nauseating colors such as purple, pink and hot magna, these folks throw upon me their verbal vocals and like a good friend, I bear it all. Painfully.
It hurts everytime. Ah the pain.
Damn you Times New Roman.

I hate it so much that when I did my first resume in freshmen year . I have out over 70 resumes that job fair, having spent over a week working on each and every single spacing. Each version, I nagged the Career Office to tell me that my choice of a font non-Times New Roman was indeed, yes yes Mr Waleed, it looks fine, yes yes, it will be scanner friendly too. No Mr Waleed, you may not talk to the Director. Oh there he is. Go talk to him Mr Waleed. The Director will explain everything. And he did.
On a seperate note, due to lack of tie-tying abilites, I would rush into all interviews with a tie stuffed in my pocket and this generous man would do them for me outside in the hallway. Alas, when in my senior year he moved away, I was severely upset, a routine damaged.
His assistant had to take over the tie-tying business thereof.

But when a client wants me to help design educational material in Islam and wants to use Times New Roman. When the english tafseer of this material will be in this font-
Oh the excruiciating pain. I silently agree, for this is a special cause. Like two students infront of a principal, I poke at this font at all other times but now.

So, I know you don’t like me Times New Roman and you know I loathe you Times New Roman but this one, this one is for The Big Guy and for Him we do what we gotta do. Capische?

(psst! I hate you Times New Roman! How you like me now?)

15 Responses to “Don’t talk to me about Times New Roman”

  1. YourFriendlyNeighborhoodWatch Says:

    dude. you have some serious issues.

    [oh, how I wish I could leave this comment in Times New Roman.]

  2. akds Says:

    Yeah I was looking for a way to type in Times New Roman as well ... but this is the best I could do =)

  3. akds Says:

    on second thought, it doesn’t look so bad …

  4. yasmine Says:

    I don’t really have anything against Times New Roman, although I personally prefer Verdana. Whoever invented Arial, though, needs to be shot. In that, I could match your vehemence for ugly, ill-designed fonts.

  5. Bushra Says:

    I like the title. Don’t talk to meee about… Muhammad (that’s it, isnt it?)

  6. Waleed Says:

    Akds. I will get you. One day. When you’re not looking. When you’re not paying attention, when you’re-hey! pay attention to me! I’m trying to threaten you here!

    Yasmine, you are one sensible gal. Now go drink a slurpee.

    And yes Bushra. It comes from Dawud Wharsby Ali’s song. I love his stuff. Chances are, I love him too. For the sake of Allah swt.

  7. Owl Says:

    Hah hah veirdo!

  8. abez Says:

    Lolz, you know which font I detest? Comic Sans! Mwahahaaa!

  9. Bushra Says:

    I don’t like Comic Sans either. It’s too loose. B.leh.

  10. hemlock Says:

    actually, times new roman, bookman old style, garamond… they are all freaky, all the same…i had to work with them.
    now arial is clean, crisp and yes… it’s NOT times new roman.
    and no, i dont thynk you have issues. seriously.

  11. Aisha Says:

    Frankly, I agree with him. as do the rest of you apparently.

    We all have issues with fonts, and it’s because we’re bloggers; we have serious likes and dislikes of fonts because we use our words to express ourselves.
    I just don’t think many non-bloggers would really care for one font over the other.

  12. chocoholic Says:

    Arial is ugly.

  13. chocoholic Says:

    Ewwww. Arial is uglay!

  14. chocoholic Says:

    I think Arial is ugly.

  15. halfpastnomad » Blog Archive » Talk to me Says:

    […] I once commented perhaps too briefly on the sin of Times New Roman (read all about it). That crime marked itself repeatedly on me over the years. The pain just wouldn’t go away. Until now. […]

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