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September 26th, 2003 by

I live with a methodist christian family. We live in peace, and amazing harmony, despite my absolutely odd working hours. These people here are a uniqueness in the society today.

At the dawah table, I stand and I simply want to educate people about what is true, what is not, to remove misconceptions about Islam, to hopefuly rid of negative stereotypes that be. I don’t expect people to agree with me, or convert to Islam. I don’t, because Islam itself preaches that all you can do is inform people. Should they choose to learn more, read more, perhaps even accept the religion, it is their and only their choice.
Just as I am sharing information about my religion, I would like to learn about yours, so I too am educated, a more learnt man, thanks to you dear stranger.

I just don’t like it when folks come to my face and repeat, over and over again, a broken record eventually, that I am going to hell because I don’t accept Jesus as my saviour. Alhamdulilah, Islam teaches us that nobody (except those who were promised) is guaranteed Heaven or Hell; each position is to be earned by you. I tell this again and again to people as they pass by.

I think of Surah Fatiha, of its seven basic verses, encompassing, complete. I read out passages of the Quran that I know of to people, asking them to think if that statement is something they agree with or not. Everybody avoids answering my question, I let them pass. I can only inform.

I can only tell them the truth of The Creator.

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  1. Owl Says:

    Ah, being condemned to hell makes for an interesting day. It does get tiresome after a while though. I’ve got the whole, “if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior then you’re gonna burn in hell” rant practically memorized. Sigh.

  2. Waleed Says:

    I hear you. But you may want to avoid the rushhour traffic on its highway to hell between the hours of 4-7pm. One great way to beat that traffic is to try and leave for hell as early as possible in the morning…


  3. Ibrahim Says:


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