bad magnet bad!

September 30th, 2003 by

I slam my laptop shut, grab the cords, the mouse, the wireless card popping out like fresh toast on a good morning. He holds my bag as I shove the notebook in, the others in various other compartments, little babies of mine needing to be bedded properly. I eye him quizzically, no idea what the rush was.

waleed” he growls. No capitals. No exclamation point. I hear none, yet I grin. It’s infectious. He shouts exuberantly, leaping down the stairs, jumping.
“I cut class early for this man!” his voice comes in between our stair leaps.
I laugh out loud, backpack flailing in the air, dragging behind me scared to death.

When he’s in a comical rush, he does this little hop run skip thing, his feet shuffling in a half run half walk, mad dash mad crash. I always walk behind and watch this this. This.

The doors barely shut. The engine fully revved. The stereo is naturally blasting Moe. We’re out. School free. Home free. Carefree. He takes the back roads, driving fast, sharp corners, quick stops, hop in betweens. I’m sliding in my chair, wishing for more seat belts, half fascinated by his driving, half thrilled, and half truly concerned about us.

“Did I miss something? A memo perhaps? What’s the big deal??” I finally ask. It’s a nice thing, as always, to be grabbed by a friend in the middle of your work and to be dragged away. It says something about your friendship I think. As a matter of fact, I’m always the one doing that to others.
It’s about time someone cared that annoyingly much, eh.

“Dude! We gotta get home man. We gotta get home NOW! It’s NipTuck!”


“NipTuck. Oh right. Yep. That makes sense now.”

“NipTuck…” he looks over mischievously, childishly ” and pizza of course.”

“Of course of course”. I’ve already had dinner at the Catholic Campus Ministry. But that’s never an excuse amongst us.

At home, Magnet the dog was waiting. Magnet belongs to the landlord apparently. Large, black, slobbering, he gets in a constant staring contest with me. Deciding victory was his, he lies down on my feet. I agree. He wins.

We watch, mouths gaping, half horrified, fully fascinated. It’s morbidly pulsating, this show.

2 Responses to “bad magnet bad!

  1. yasmine Says:

    Man, I am soo out of the t.v. scene. But now that I’ve figured out what “Nip/Tuck” is, gotta say it sounds scary.

    And your friend sounds awesome, masha’Allah. Friends who rescue me from work of any kind are grand.

  2. Waleed Says:

    The show is one which even my professors sit and watch. And then talk about it in disturbed half worried voices.

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